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Studio Etiquette

In this house, we will be mindful of the environment and others respecting a few easy rules:

  • Keep the space neat and clean.

  • Maintain a low and moderate tone of voice even in shared spaces.

  • Keep the phones on silent during class, before and after.

  • Do not use your phone or take pictures during class for any reason. We suggest keeping the phone in the locker's space.

  • Be mindful of others when taking pictures before or after class.

  • Make sure to arrive 10 minutes before class to check in and set up your mat.

  • All teachers have the right to not admit students when arriving after the class starting time. Students not admitted to class (when late), will not receive any refund.

  • Inform the teacher if you have to leave the class earlier than the finishing time or if you have any relevant injury/condition, we should be aware of.

Not respecting these simple rules might cause the exclusion from all The Yoga House activities. 

If you want to report any issue or negligence, you can find us at the reception or

on WhatsApp 053 833 5633

NOTE! This is a "Bring your own" Yoga Mat Studio!

Yoga Mats are only available for Rent or Purchase!

Enjoy TYH!

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