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Ramadan Special: Soul Revive for all

For All

Service Description

A gentle practice for deep relaxation, renewal, and inner nourishment, supporting your overall well-being during fasting. Join us for Soul Revive, a nurturing yoga class designed to replenish your spirit, restore and stretch your body amidst the challenges of fasting. In this session, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-care and inner nourishment, using gentle yoga poses, soothing breathwork, and mindfulness practices to foster deep relaxation and renewal. With a focus on honoring your body's needs and cultivating a sense of inner peace, Soul Restore offers a sanctuary for self-reflection, restoration, and soulful connection. Advantages of practicing our Soul Revive: - Experience the restorative benefits of Soul Revive, especially during fasting periods, where the practice of gentle yoga can provide much-needed support for your overall well-being. By incorporating nurturing yoga poses that promote relaxation and release tension in the body, you can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance your body's ability to adapt to the challenges of fasting. - During Soul Revive, engage in soothing breathwork practices such as gentle pranayama and guided relaxation techniques to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Allow yourself to let go of worries and distractions, and embrace the present moment with openness and receptivity. - However, it's important to approach the practice with gentleness and self-compassion, especially during fasting periods. Honor your body's needs and limitations, and practice self-care by listening to your body's cues and adjusting the practice as necessary. By embracing the nourishing and soulful practice of Soul Revive with mindfulness and care, you can support your overall well-being and cultivate a deeper sense of relaxation, renewal, and inner nourishment during fasting. Open to any levels Class is taught in English

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Cancellation Policy

If students cancel their attendance 12 hours before the start of the class/workshop, they will receive a full refund: - If students purchase a single class, they will receive a voucher to use as credit for any future activity. - Students who purchase a membership will get the credit refunded in their membership package.  *Cancellations within the 12h prior to the class/workshops will not be refunded. **For Unlimited packages: Cancellation policy applies - 50SAR Penalty for no-show on your next visit ​ EXCEPTIONS If any medical reason occurs, you can request a cancellation for medical reasons. Medical certificate should be provided. Packages with monthly validity can be temporarily suspended in agreement with The Yoga House Management.

Book this class from our Calendar!

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