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Guided Meditation For Ladies

For Ladies

Service Description

- Category: Quiet the mind - Difficulty: Open to all levels - Intensity: 1 Guided meditation is a form of meditation where a teacher or facilitator leads participants through a series of mental images, sensations, or affirmations. This practice is often used to help individuals relax, focus their mind, and cultivate mindfulness. Guided meditations can vary widely in style and content, ranging from simple breathing exercises to visualizations designed to promote relaxation, self-awareness, or personal growth. They are commonly used in settings such as yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, or meditation apps to help individuals deepen their meditation practice and achieve a state of calm and inner peace.

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Cancellation Policy

If students cancel their attendance 12 hours before the start of the class/workshop, they will receive a full refund: - If students purchase a single class, they will receive a voucher to use as credit for any future activity. - Students who purchase a membership will get the credit refunded in their membership package.  *Cancellations within the 12h prior to the class/workshops will not be refunded. **For Unlimited packages: Cancellation policy applies - 50SAR Penalty for no-show on your next visit ​ EXCEPTIONS If any medical reason occurs, you can request a cancellation for medical reasons. Medical certificate should be provided. Packages with monthly validity can be temporarily suspended in agreement with The Yoga House Management.

Book this class from our Calendar!

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