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About Umaima

She loves flipping shapes
to make them fit your body.

Umaima is a movement lover, health enthusiast, and a marketer turned yoga teacher. Starting her teaching journey as a Vinyasa teacher (RYT200) in 2019, Umaima has completed over 400 hours in training and taught near 700 hours over the past 4 years. Umaima is a registered Pregnancy yoga teacher (RPYT85) and she’s passionate about supporting new and expectant mums in her community. She embraced Restorative yoga, Yin and mindfulness meditation amidst the stress of covid and began to share her love for mindful living in 2021. To support her vision of having a classroom where people of all physical abilities can practice without inhibition, Umaima trained under Michele Pernetta to modify yoga asana to accommodate injuries and mobility challenges in the classroom in 2022.

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