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About Lulu

Essential oils, candles, and a yoga mat is all she needs to make your day better.

Lulu is a certified yoga teacher specializing in Prana Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. 

She is also passionate about passing her Ashtanga practice to beginners students.  She believes that everyone can practice Yoga, that there are no conditions to start building a consistent practice. She encourages students to have an open mind & heart to welcome, receive, and learn what is good for them. 

She affirms that Yoga has improved her life, helping her physically, mentally & emotionally.  She dedicates her life to teaching Yoga to her students with love in a gentle & easy way, encouraging them to quieten their minds and listen to their bodies. 

She reminds us that through practice, it's possible to learn how to accept & love our body and that learning never ends.

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