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Sarah White

January, 26th & 27th


About Sarah

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah and I believe that anything is possible on the mat as long as there is intention behind it. Therefore you'll see me teaching creative movement in a way that promotes embodiment, freedom and self expression!

I've been teaching full time for the last 5 years and made it my mission to help teachers just like you own their own voice and reach their full teaching potential. I do this through mentoring and my Creative Sequencing YTT which has helped over 140 teachers to date!

I'm a forever student, taking as many courses in and outside of the yoga field to advance my own teaching and to help others on a similar path. Some of these include: Advanced Sequencing Training, Personal Training Certification, Calisthenics Coaching, NLP Coaching & Online Business mentorship. I'm completely obsessed with movement and the ability to express through the human body. Students of mine can expect freedom, empowerment and outside of the box thinking!

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JANUARY 27TH, 10.00 AM

Ready to design simple yet authentic sequences with confidence? 

Join Sarah in this full day workshop to completely revolutionize your yoga sequencing. Go from confused to confident following Sarah's unique 6 step skeleton that will take away all the guesswork that comes with planning a class! Say goodbye to taking hours to plan and yoga class and HELLO to more time for you! 


This workshop is for you if: 

  • You're confused about sequencing and need a simple strategy to follow.

  • You're fed up with sequencing the same yoga classes with the same structure. 

  • You want to show up confidently in front of your students. 

  • You're ready to stop calling yourself "newbie" and show up as a professional teacher. 

  • You struggle to remember your flows. 

  • You feel like you try really hard but sequencing still takes forever. 

  • You want to move away from a shape based practice and into a more embodied way of teaching. 

  • Your fear of failure or judgment is preventing you from stepping away from the sequence structure you learnt in your YTT. 



What you will gain: 


  • Learn the unique and simple method behind sarah’s style of sequencing

  • Acquire knowledge of the main sequencing focus groups & how to plan a class around a bodily theme or movement 

  • Understand key principles of sequencing that will leave you with amazing and most importantly easy to remember flows! 


  • In planning a yoga class with purpose and intention whilst designing epic sequences with simplicity at their heart! 

  • Learn how to incorporate creative flair into your classes without over compilation so your teaching takes center stage!


EARLY BIRDS PRICE: SAR 900 before Jan 16th (included)
REGULAR PRICE: SAR 1,150 starting Jan 17th (included)

Course comes with a certificate of completion 




Join Sarah in this 75 minute journey of the body and the breath. Sarah’s unique style means combining embodied movement with creative transitions to deliver an amazing peak flow experience that leaves the practitioner in a guided moving meditation. Say goodbye to an alignment based practice and hello to a practice that’s guided by sensation and your body’s inner intelligence! Whether we’re working towards a peak transition or a ladder flow, expect to use all four corners and direction of the mat as we experience the body in its entirety

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