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Nitai & Ambika

September, 29th to 30th 2023


Experience a full weekend with us at The Yoga House in Riyadh!

The Yoga House Riyadh is delighted to open the door of our house to Nitai and Ambika, devoted Yogi, Teachers and Practitioners from Dubai.


About Nitai

Nitai Krishna, is a joyful yogi born and raised in the Bhakti Yoga ashram community in Ghana.
His life mission is to help the world heal with yoga and mantra meditation. 

He spent many years in India, Thailand and now shares his passion in Dubai. 
His practice and teaching includes Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga styles for the past decade. 

In his classes, be prepared for a challenge with a mix of softness and light heartedness. 
Aside from yoga, he loves to chant Kirtans, paint, dance and help others grow.

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About Ambika

Ambika is an Indian classical dancer from Colombia.

At a very young age, she begun her Bhakti Yoga journey, a path of love and devotion to Divinity, taking very serious the art of meditation, chanting, Hatha Yoga and Karma Yoga.

At the age of 19, she moved to India to take the practice to a deep level and started learning the art of Indian classical dance, Yoga dance and meditation dance. 

In India she became the leader of the Ladies ashram (nun monastery) for 8 years and spearheaded lots of environmental cleaning of the town among many projects and welfare activities. 

She's currently residing in Dubai to start a family life and work in the big city with the magical experience that she received from the ancient masters.

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